About Me
  My name is Brian White, born in Boston Massachusetts, one of nine children of Mary and Darrell Ray. I submitted a drawing for an art contest in school, received a letter offering me a partial scholarship a month later and realized I had talent . My parents were unable to finance the balance not covered by the scholarship so I put my art career on hold. Many years later I attended work shops, took private lessons, watched DVDs while attempting to develop my own style and  pursue a career in art.
My Inspiration
The reason I do what I do.
  I've been concentrating on portraiture for the last five years.  I enjoy taking a picture and turning it into a painting or drawing.  The best part of doing a commission is when a client sees my work for the first time and expresses his/her emotions, it is priceless.  I remember drawing a baby for a grandmother and she starting crying when she first saw it, she was so happy. There is nothing better that and I did it.
Oil Paintings
Pastel Paintings
Oils vs Pastels
Oil paintings are created with paint made  from pigment suspended in a drying   oil.    Paintings are done on prepared panels or  traditional canvas. There are many layers  of paint involved in creating an oil portait, in addition to intervals of drying,  the possibilities with oil paintings are endless.
Pastel painting are created using sticks of pure powered pigment much like chalk.  Pastel painting last as long as oil painting but they need to be framed behind glass to protect them from smearing.  Pastels are wonderful for pet portaits, they provide a slightly softer look.
Oil paintings require intervals of drying time between many layers and require more time to create.  Pastels, though layered as well, do not require any drying time. Overall, pastels require less time to complete.  The time differential is reflected in the pricing. 
My Approach
  As an artist, I find the portait to be a priority in my art. I enjoy the challenge of bringing out the personality and beauty of the subject. This truly measures the value of art.  Being true to what is real, an appreciation of the individual is what makes portraits so interesting. The value of the portait lies in its true depiction of the subject's personality and disposition at the point in time.
Over the years my art has been displayed in a local art gallery and art shows.  In additiion, I have done commission work in Massachuesetts, New Jersey, Washington D.C., Virginia, Georgia, South Calolinia and Arizona.